The Spartanburg Science Center was established to inspire excitement/enjoyment for science through interactive exhibitions and simple programs that engage, excite, and educate. The hands-on science center is open to people of all ages and offers its guests more than 23 exhibits and a live animal room that features an assortment of fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

There is also a well-equipped museum room with a collection of skulls, fossils, bones, minerals, rocks, and a wide range of other educational displays. 


The Exhibit Hall within the center is usually open to the public from Thursday to Sunday, while scheduled visits for schools and other organized groups take place from Monday to Friday.

All for the Love of Science

Everyone loves science, and Spartanburg Science Center wants to harness that love and put it to good use. Science is fascinating, exciting, and surprising. The center features all kinds of animals, including reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc.


Tag along your kids and get a chance to teach them about these animals. There is also a science museum where you can find bones, fossils, skulls, minerals, and all kinds of rocks. Spartanburg Science Center is the perfect place to explore, learn, and have fun.


If you love participating in charitable works, you can also join the Spartanburg support program. The program focuses on helping the museum provide education and enrich students with top-quality science education. This way, you’ll not only be a science enthusiast but a dedicated science supporter.

Hold Birthday Parties

Celebrating your kid’s birthday party and you haven’t found a perfect venue yet? Spartanburg Science Museum will be happy to host you for this spectacular event.


A birthday party here is all about nature with various amazing themes, including StarLab Planetarium, animals, Virtual Reality, slime, chemistry, among others. Book in advance and have a party of a lifetime with the best support.


Field Trips

You’re not stuck at the museum or the animals at the science center. Science is wide, and Spartanburg Science Center takes the initiative to introduce you to the world at large, where both kids and adults can have a better experience and learn more.


The museum offers field trips to natural areas within the county, which are rich in science. They include Hatcher Garden and Woodland, Tiger-10 Nature Preserve, Camp Croft State Park, and Cottonwood Trail. Get an education specialist from the center to guide you through the trip for a more educative and fun experience.

Adult Programs

Spartanburg Science Center is not only about students. It also caters for the science needs of adults. The only requirement to be at this place is your love for science. The stakeholders appreciate the fact that science has no age limit, and anyone can learn and explore.


Therefore, as you bring your kids here, make sure you also engage yourself in various adult programs and learn more about science. You can also mark the calendar for various field trips and take part in wonderful science exploration.


Spartanburg Science Center is all about excitement, education, and fun.


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