Spartanburg Historic District (SHD)

Spartanburg Historic District is strategically located in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina. The district was first named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. SHD started to sprout in the 18th century just after the Revolutionary War.

The district grew slowly until the late 19th century when rapid expansion started to be witnessed thanks to the expansion of railroads and the textile industry.  The original SHD is strategically centered on Morgan Square, which features the famous Daniel Morgan Monument. 

The location exhibits a unique variety of late 19th and 20th-century architecture. Most of the commercial buildings within the district have retained their original facades.

Places to Visit in Spartanburg Historic District

Being a historic place, Spartanburg Historic District must be a perfect place to explore the history and enjoy your stay. Here are some of the places to visit and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Morgan Square

It’s all about history, and Morgan Square provides just that. If you are a history lover, you must be craving to learn more about this historic district, and you’re going to find that and more at Morgan Square. Once you’re done with your history quest, attend various sporting events in the area, or tour the university campus area.

Cowpens National Battlefield

Your trip to Spartanburg Historic District is not complete if you don’t head east of Chesnee and stop by this spectacular ancient battlefield.

Cowpens National Battlefield is the home for all the fun featuring a museum with everything about the American Revolution and the great battle. What’s more, this place is a family-friendly destination, and you can tag along your kids to enjoy the experience as well.

Falls Park on the Reedy

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who appreciates nature’s works, Falls Park on the Reedy is the place to be when you visit Spartanburg Historic District. The Falls Park is located in a spectacular green space in Greenville. Tag along your entire family and together explore the riverfront or the theatre screen in this amazing destination.

Converse College

One thing you’ll love about Spartanburg Historic District is the architecture. Converse College is one place that displays the great architectural skills of the people who lived here in the early days.

Converse College invites you to beautiful scenery and historic family-friendly place. If you choose to stay longer, you can access top-quality restaurants and enjoy the best stay.

Paris Mountain State Park

Paris Mountain State Park is another spectacular outdoor space that can accommodate everyone. There is never a dull moment at this place because you can engage in a host of activities.

Whether you love biking, camping, or hiking, there are activities for everyone. All you have to do is choose and experience the fun of a lifetime.

Spartanburg Historic District is all about adventure, history, and fun. There is never a dull moment here, as every place is a tourist destination. Whether you want to learn, explore, shop, or experience the best adventure, you have to do it all here.


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