Cottonwood Trail is at the heart of Edwin Griffin Nature Preserve and runs along the beautiful Lawson’s Fork Creek. From the amazing 1.25-mile-long trail, you can easily connect to a dense network of other trails meandering through the floodplain forest.  

In fact, this is your go-to destination for biking, running, and walking in Spartanburg. The trail can also be accessed from Beechwood Drive or just below the tennis courts strategically located at Spartanburg High School. 

The Cottonwood Trail provides city dwellers with a perfect getaway from the hectic city traffic and noise. 

Get in Touch with Nature at Cottonwood Trail

When you feel depressed, stressed, and tired of all the negative energy in the bustling downtown, this is the perfect time to go out and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. And that’s only found at Cottonwood Trail- a five minute drive from Downtown Spartanburg.

The spectacular green space provides you with some quiet time with your only companion being the cool air coming from the forest and beautiful melodies from birds.

Cottonwood Trail is a perfect place for those who need restorations and some soul searching. The forest trail allows you to connect with nature and appreciate everything life has to offer.

For the Love of Trekking

If you love nature, then you must also love trekking through its beauty. Cottonwood Trail will connect you to other shorter and more spectacular trails such as Highlands Trail, Beaverdam, Turkey Cut, and Pinecone.

Nature is at its best here as you pass through the breathtaking scenery with forests of mixed hardwoods and a cottonwood tree lining on both sides of the trail. One path leads you to another until you’re satisfied.


A Host of  Different Tree Species

You haven’t seen the different tree species if you haven’t been to Cottonwood Trail. The trail itself is named after the famous Cottonwood tree dominant in the area. Apart from the cottonwood, you can identify more than 50 other tree species, including the sassafras, river birch, pawpaw, Carolina silverbell, tulip poplar, hackberry, etc.

If you love flowers, visit the trail during summer when most of the trees are bursting with snowy flowers resembling cotton balls. Stand near the pedestrian bridge and enjoy the spectacular view.

See the Wildlife

It’s not all about green life. The wetland part of the trail is home to a variety of animals, including different bird species, snakes, and squirrels. If you love bird watching, this is the place to be. Check the North Carolina Birding Trail website to find out which bird species call this place home and the best time to watch them.

The Best Picnic Destination

If you want to have some quiet couple moments, then pass by Cottonwood Trail. The ambiance here spells romance. The beautiful Disc Course is a perfect location for love birds. There is a large open space with picnic tables where you can sit and have your drinks. 

Tag along with your favorite pet, but ensure they’re on a leash. If you’re visiting during the warm months of the year, make sure you carry an insect repellent.


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