Big Air Trampoline Park

Established in 2016, Big Air Trampoline Park remains Spartanburg’s first and only indoor trampoline park designed to offer visitors a memorable experience. The park promotes an active lifestyle while allowing friends and visitors to interact freely with each other.

At Big Air Trampoline Park, you and your loved ones will make incredible memories on one of the signature attractions.

Jump off the wall trampolines, slam dunk on their basketball hops, try out the ninja course, riding the mechanical bull, or playing trampoline dodgeball. The park is a perfect description of “all-under-one-roof.”  The park is all about you and your desires.

At Big Air Trampoline Park, it’s never a dull day. Every corner presents a new activity keeping you engaged all day long. Here’s what you can expect at the park.

The Wall

Have you heard about the famous Big Air Trampoline wall? Now you can join those already enjoying the experience and bounce from wall to wall as you have fun with your loved ones. This is a perfect opportunity to put your climbing skills to the test.

Remember the mad skills you had when you were a kid? Well, do you still possess them, or your eight-year-old son is going to beat you to it? Visit the trampoline park and find out by yourself. Don’t forget to pay attention to the victory bell because it will tell you whether you made it or flopped.

The Trampoline Dodgeball

Everybody loves sports, and the trampoline allows you to practice your favorite hobby by playing dodgeball. Get access to a classic playground that reimagines a high-flying 3D. Come with your team and you will get ready opponents at the park ready to have fun with you.

The Pit

The trampoline pit offers you a perfect way to launch yourself high in the air into a foam pit that’s out of this world. The foam pit offers an amazing experience, but only those who know how to have fun will enjoy it.

The Battlebeam

This is another game to play with opponents. The Battlebeam is bag-like air that you enter and try to maintain your balance for as long as you can. The game involves two teams and there must be a winner who takes home the bragging rights.

Organize Events

Are you celebrating birthday parties, organizing team building, or a family get-together? Big Air Trampoline Park will host you and all your guests.

Enjoy the serene environment with fresh air in the park as you have fun and interact with your guests. The pack is designed to accommodate all groups of people and provide unmatched fun.

Lil’ Air

Are you a smaller team that doesn’t want to mingle with other strangers in the pack? Big Air Trampoline Pack understands the value of personal space.

The Lil’ Air is designed to provide that little air so you can jump worry-free with fun-size versions of the signature attractions. Kids have their toddler time so you don’t have to worry about that.

There is a host of activities to do in the park. All you have to do is find one that spikes your interests and get in the game. It is an ideal venue for family reunions/get-together parties, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, among other events.


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